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upstairs at Ronnie Scotts (07/03/23)


Amplify Her - Karma Sanctum Soho (22/02/23)


LEONA sits alongside artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Alix Page with her poetic, insightful lyrics alongside soft fingerpicking guitar. Her songs retell common feelings in a thought provoking way with sweet sounding harmonies. LEONA is for a walk through london on an autumn day, for when you finish that book, for processing your feelings lying in bed at night. LEONA writes about the couple on the train you saw that quietly brushed hands, the epic love story of a movie she’s watched, the hanging nostalgia of flicking through a photo album. Leonas music aims to amplify feelings you have, feelings of misplacement, the confusion of growing up with the gentle build in many of her songs to a full 'wall of sound' type finish.


Bookings and inquiries: 

07776 811703

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