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Electric Guitar

"Burn" is a pop-style track produced to create a "chilled" beat to a meaningful song. The lyrics describe the inevitable end of a relationship and how the onlooker is watching it "burn". It's available now on all streaming platforms!

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Deserve My Love.png

“Deserve my love” is a country rock inspired song I wrote after listening to the Nashville soundtrack. It’s an energetic revenge song that empowers woman to take hold of their pride and to not rely on another man for stability. It plays as a “pick me up” song if you’re feeling down and plugs you with energy and determination to go get what you want in the world!

“everything to me” is a classic ballad that covers the universal topic of an apology; weather that be in a relationship, between friends or family. The song is about feeling regret and guilt at something you have done and wishing you could turn back time. Simplicity of the solo piano and vocal really conveys this message to the listener as the focus is on the lyrics. I wrote this song because I haven’t heard many on the topic of “saying sorry”, especially if it’s not exclusively about a relationship. 


Electric Guitar